A bathori is a female witch who has learned the secret to transferring vitality through blood. The bathori is said to either drink the blood of another woman or to bathe in it in order to maintain eternal youth. The blood of a bathori's victim cannot transfer more vitality than it already possesses, so the bathori can only become as young as her most recent victim. Further, the bathori walks a fine and treacherous line when working her ritual, as that which lies within the victim's blood will also carry over - including poisons, disease and parasites. Bathori age normally, and so must seek out victims anew when they begin to see their youth wane.

Bathori may also be influenced by other blood which touches them, whether they choose to be or not. A bathori whose hand is splashed by the blood of an old hag may see that hand wrinkle and wither. Animal blood may similarly taint the bathori's form.

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Bathori is both singular and plural.

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