Blood is an important bodily fluid in most living creatures, delivering oxygen and nutrients around the body and removing cellular wastes. In fantasy, it is an important concept due to the long ties of blood with the symbolism of life and life force. Blood also symbolizes commitment, violence, suffering and emotion.


Cruor - blood, but especially spilled blood; gore
Gore - blood from a wound, blood thickened and/or dried due to exposure to air
Heme - blood, either blood within the body or liquid blood. Also to express "weaker" or thinner blood.
Sanguine humor - blood as referred to by the medical theory known as humorism
Vitae - blood as linked to life force or magical power

Ichor is not synonymous with blood, despite frequent use as such.


Blood (relation) - genetic relatedness; heredity

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Word Roots

Hemo-, Haemo-, Hemato- and Haemato- are prefixes to indicate blood of Greek derivation.

Sangro- and Sanguo- are prefixes of Latin derivation.

-hemia is a Greek-derived suffix indicating blood.

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