Blood consumption

Blood consumption is the habit of feeding on the blood of another being for sustenance or other ends. Though blood, especially congealed blood, is used in dishes worldwide, the most common perception of blood consumption is bloodsucking, the (usually parasitic) drawing of blood from a live victim. Several animals, mostly insects, are primarily or solely bloodsuckers. Other notable bloodsuckers include vampire bats and leeches.


Hematophagy - consuming blood as part of the diet.
Vampirism - obligatory hematophagy, especially if the blood is required to come from a member of the same species.

Hematophage - something which feeds on blood as a source of nutrition.
Leech - euphemistically used to imply constant, steady and/or unnoticed bloodsucking on the part of the parasite.
Sanguivore - any creature whose diet is primarily or entirely blood-based.

Related Concepts

Phlebotomy - the penetration of an artery or vein by a feeding hematophage.
Vampires - entities which practice hematophagy (especially bloodsucking) as a means of sustaining a state of immortality or unlife.

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