The moroi is a vampiric phantasm that hungers for traces of the life which it was cheated of. Moroii may arise from the souls of stillborn and aborted children, as well as the children of two strigoi or two vampires. If a woman is murdered while gravid with child, the spectre of the fetus may also arise as a moroi.

Moroii are phantoms who seek out the energy of the living. While draining the life force from a victim, the moroi becomes more and more corporeal, eventually becoming capable of taking flesh or blood from the prey. After consuming physical matter, moroii become corporeal and vulnerable as they digest, forcing them to hide themselves. Despite the risk, moroii hunger so much for the experience of life that they will disregard danger to taste flesh and blood.

Moroii in phantasmal form resemble the skeletons of the people they would be had they been alive, draped in mist. Stealing life energy transforms them, adding flesh and sinew to the frame. When fully "formed" with the taking of flesh or blood, a moroi is a raw-looking, reddish humanoid with bony claws and vulturelike mannerisms.

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Sometimes the singular and plural forms are inverted, resulting in the singular moroii and plural moroi. Female moroii are referred to as moroaice (sing: moroaica).

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