A nosferatu is a terrible, deformed undead monstrosity with a taste for mortal blood. Vampiric in the extreme, nosferatu are always on the prowl for food, though they must lay low during the day, as any exposure to sunlight burns them horribly. It is speculated that they originated as drinkers of vampire blood who were cut off from further doses before completing their transformation.

Nosferatu are tall, gaunt and ratlike. Their features degenerate in undeath, leaving them with little to no hair, exaggerated ears and noses, decayed and pitted teeth and gnarled, clawlike fingernails. Their eyes glow red. A complete lack of personal hygiene results in stains of infectious detritus from prior feedings around their mouths and talonlike hands. Nosferatu transmit disease and plague with each scratch of their claws. Those who are slain by a nosferatu claw their way out of the earth as new undead monstrosities within the week. However, most nosferatu are aware of this and will savage their victims' corpses beyond recognition to prevent competition arising.

Nosferatu leave traces of their presence wherever they hide; they are compulsive gnawers and scratchers, and often break into food stores simply to consume, although they vomit up anything other than meat and blood. Nosferatu do not willingly congregate, do not mate, and will try to kill one another on sight.

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Nosferatu is both singular and plural.

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