A pricolici is an undead which expresses characteristics similar to a werewolf. Pricolici may arise from the corpse of a violent man, the remains of one eaten alive by wolves, or from a body buried in a whole wolf pelt. Pricolici appear mortal in the daylight, though they shun contact with others and are deeply antisocial. At night, however, their corpselike form is revealed. When the pricoloci cloaks himself in his pelt, he becomes a large, ferocious wolf.

In either form, pricolici prey on livestock to sustain themselves, but while in wolf form they are driven by the desire to cause harm to other sentient beings. They attack alone, from hiding, and prefer striking at solitary targets.

A pricolici must remove his pelt to knit holes in it; doing so restores the strength of the wolf form. If the pelt is threatened, a pricolici becomes hellbent on protecting it. Destroying the pelt of a pricolici causes its body to fall to ashes.

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Pricolici is both singular and plural.

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