A strigoi is a vampiric entity of great power. Unlike normal vampires, strigoi are in a constant state of metamorphosis as they pass through phases to bring their body back to life. Strigoi come in two forms: strigoi viu and strigoi mort.

Strigoi begin their existence as restless phantasms, but upon reassociating with their corpse can regenerate it to a semblance of life. They must periodically return to their graves to regenerate their bodies while they prey on humans for blood. Eventually, the strigoi has recuperated its body to the point where it no longer requires rest in its grave, at which point the strigoi must feed on blood drawn from mortal hearts to continue its self-resuscitation. After a certain time spent preying on mortals, strigoi can leave the area of their burial and become ordinary humans, having resurrected themselves fully with the stolen blood of the living.

Strigoi are discomfited by sunlight but not harmed by it, and have two hearts, meaning a single stake will be insufficient. Overall they have greater endurance and fewer weaknesses than true vampires, while having far fewer other powers. Notably, however, strigoi can transform into a wide variety of animals, including bats, wolves, owls, snakes and rats. Any children they sire are ordinary humans. However, upon dying, the child of a strigoi becomes a strigoi itself. Such a child is referred to as a strigoi viu, or "living strigoi", due to the fate which awaits them after death.

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Strigoi is both singular and plural. Strigoi morti and strigoi vii are the plural forms of the two strigoi types.

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